Mailing Services & Options

Cornerstone is unqiue in its delivery of complete mailing services. Often this involves "working with the goal in mind" and creating a project from inception through its final presentment at the US Postal Service. This includes: reviews of goals and the plan-of-action, graphic design, materials ordering/coordination, data selection, sourcing and data management, and finally, mail fulfillment.

Mailing Services

Direct Mail Services

  • Unique Project Management Department
  • Highly Documented and Rehearsed Procedures
  • Expert In-house knowledge
  • Highly Discounted Postage Rates
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Graphic Design
  • Dynamic Mail-Merge/Duplex Laser Printing
  • Folding (Manual/Machine)/(Selective) Inserting
  • Tabbing (Single, Double, Triple & Dynamic)
  • Labeling/Sealing (In-Line/Off-Line)
  • Document Collation
  • Polywrap / Polybagging
  • Multiple Postal Permits/Precancelled Stamps
  • Hand Assembly
  • High speed Ink-jet Printing

Supported Mailing Classifications

  • Non-Profit (Letters/Flats)
  • Commercial Bulk (Letters/Flats)
  • First-Class (Letters/Flats/Parcels)
  • Single Piece
  • Bound Printed Matter
  • Periodicals
  • International
  • Parcel, including Not-Flat Machinable (NFM)
  • Media & Library
  • Express/Priority
  • Customized Market Mail

Data Processing & Data Quality

  • Automation, Non-Auto, ECRLOT (Carrier-Route), ECRWSS (Saturation)
  • USPS CASS & PAVE Certification
  • National Change of Address (NCOA / Move-Update) Verification
  • Four (4) Levels of Duplicate Evaluation
  • Manual Address Record Review, Look-Up & Repair
  • Data Quality Report (DQRs) Return upon invoice payment

Additional Services/Information

  • Guidance to Obtain Not-For-Profit Mailing Rate Privileges
  • No annual permit cost or application fees
  • Internal Auditing of all mailings
  • Barcode Support: IM/DP, 128, UPC, QR, etc.
  • Full On-Site Internal Contingency/Redundency